Product Announcement

The Rampage Quantone™ Screening Engine (QSE)

What it is:

A stand-alone software module, with easy integration by OEMs that post-processes rendered data from any rip into highest quality, calibrated drive data for any multi-level  digital press.


The QSE includes both a DLL and an example command line EXE program built using the API for easy testing and OEM modification.


DLL:  Microsoft C++ 2010


Higher image quality:

  • Multiply more printable tone levels
  • Lower screening noise
  • Advanced color processing
    • Device-specific ICC profiles, which are built on linearized process color, are used together with device-independent ICC profiles to produce a true color-managed, device-independent workflow.
    • Spot colors, their tints, and overprints appear as intended
    • An Extended Gamut inks workflow is in progress.  It will closely simulate extreme-gamut spot color inks using, for example, additional Orange, Green, and Violet.
    • Accurate extended gamut proofs!  (RGB, not cmyk limited) 


Better calibration:

  • Easily adapts to extreme print conditions
  • Multi-levels are pre-linearized using the patented method


Input file format: unscreened monochrome tiff, one for each process or spot color.


Output formats:

  • For driving the press: screened monochrome tiff containing multi-bit drive data
  • Optional preview: a single viewable composite tiff, selectably honoring press response, selectably honoring calibration correction
  • Device number of gray-levels: 3-256
  • Device resolution: 300 - 3600 dpi


Additional files:

  • Job file: Ascii, containing all job parameters, input and output folders and file names, calibration values.
  • Spot color list: Ascii, containing spot color names and information such as RGB, CMYK, and Lab equivalent colors

Quantone half-toning options:

  • AM, up to 200 lpi at 1200 dpi
  • FM, 2nd order stochastic, proprietary

QSE Licensing

Input and output formats may be further customized.


Please contact Rampage LLC


Mitch Bogart

President,  Rampage LLC