Technologies that increase print quality

The advent of printing with more than the traditional bi-level On/Off dots enables a boost in print quality on several levels.  Many manufacturers of multilevel-capable printers and presses are not taking full advantage of the increased quality possible, ironically by staying with the technologies of traditional bilevel printing.   These divide into two areas, one for contones and one for artwork.

UltraSmooth Screening for Contones generates multilevel dot data that provides virtually continuous tone photographic quality, along with several other advantages.  Learn more -->

UltraSmooth Artwork and Text uses multilevel capabilities to produce artwork and text that have quality of much higher resolution than what they are actually printed with.   Learn more -->

Extended Gamut Workflow is an architecture applicable to the ripping process that cohesively incorporates:

  • Color managed process CMYK
  • Support of multiple spotcolor separations
  • Extended Gamut printing (Hexachrome, Red-Green-Blue...)
  • Soft and hard proofing without gamut reduction, with colorimetric tinting and overprinting
  • Accelerated color transformations